Fall fishing in Islamorada 2017


Tuna are here in full force.

Islamorada fall fishing blackfin tuna


We had a great day today fishing tuna. The tuna were biting well and we ended up with 3 large blackfin tuna. A little further offshore we found 2 dolphin schools and limited out for the day.


I had a couple from Tampa out today. They worked together to land a 29lb blackfin on 15lb tackle. We found at pallet loaded with dolphin and got our limit in a few minutes.

We survived Irma and are out fishing again.

Hello Buzz On family and friends.
Just want to give you all a little update after Hurricane Irma. Things will be different in the Keys for a while, although we will survive it will take some rebuilding. We were one of the lucky ones who made out with very little damage, just lots of clean up. The Ol Girl is resting behind my house and will receive lots of love and work to help provide us with some more lasting memories in the upcoming year.
For those of you thinking of fishing with us this year I would like to give you a heads up. Ocean side of Islamorada was hit really hard with a storm surge and wind damage. Leaving the three largest resorts closed for the next six months to a year for rebuilding. The Islander and The Post Card Inn have announced they will be closed for at least a year and Cheeca Lodge will be closed for the next six months. The Islander bayside will be open for the season. I would suggest planning ahead this upcoming year. There are other options and a lot of resorts will be open. I would be happy to help you with any suggestions, just give me a call or an email.
Bud N Mary’s is planning on being open for business in a couple months if all goes well. Keep in mind they do have several rooms to rent as well, there are house boats and the beach house.
We can not tell you in words how much we appreciate your business and support over the years. I have become friends with many of my customers and you all have showed us much needed support in your thoughts and prayers and help along the way. This will be a trying year for everyone in the Keys, but I know we will all bounce back – We always do!


First trip since Irma Had a great group today and started out fishing the reef. We caught some yellowtail snappers and a couple of kingfish.

Moved a little further out into deeper water and picked up some mangrove snapper, a couple mutton snappers and a red grouper.

Got a message that there were mahi 14 miles offshore and headed there. We very quickly added a few dolphin to our catch for an excellent day of fishing.


Very windy today, but we were able to fish in spite of how rough it was. We got a nice catch of snappers and mackerel.

Islamorada fall fishing snappers



The past week has been great. We caught Mahi, cobia, a bunch of yellowtail snapper, mackerels, mangrove snappers, red groupers and assorted other fish. The action was non stop.


Back at it. The boat is back at Bud and Marys. Perfect weather and great fishing for snappers, sailfish, kingfish and many other fish.


We anchored up on the reef today and had some great action. A lot of yellowtail snapper, a nice red grouper, some kingfish and a few mutton snappers.


We had 2 trips this weekend, one with a Navy veteran. The weather was blowing hard this weekend so we fished bottom structure in various spots. We were able to keep everyone busy catching dinner and some left over for the freezer.



Fishing in the keys is still very good after the storm however business is definitely slowed down significantly. Even though a few major resorts are closed for repairs there are lots of choices for places to stay as well as to eat and drink. If you would like to go fishing and need help finding a good place to stay while down here we would be happy to help you find what your looking for.

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