Islamorada fishing early January

What a great day today bait was good and fishing was as well. We went 3 for 4 on sails caught a wahoo a couple nice kings and a rare, very rare African Pompano in the kite. Great job today Crofty and Charles

Caught a nice wahoo today seen a few swimming in the shallow water. Fun stuff watching them eat a live bait and as you can see not to rough at all

Islamorada Fishing 11-17

Had a great family from Texas on the boat today. Kinda rough out so we stayed in on the patches and caught a couple nice Mutton Snappers and some yellowtail snappers. There is always somewhere to fish down here that’s one of the great benefits of fishing in Islamorada. Should be some good Mahi and sailfish days here in the near future right after this wind lays down.



Nov 2015


An awesome afternoon on the water with Bill Martini both of em lol.



Had a great day caught a bit of everything. Mahi, snappers, King fish and a sailfish.

Deep Dropping

We had some great conditions to fish the deep water over the last couple weeks catching vermillion snappers and yellow eye snappers as well as some tile fish. We also had a great opportunity to anchor up on a deep wreck and play with some really big fish, like goliath grouper upwards 300 pounds and big amber jacks as well as an African Pompano. Last week we fished a Norwegian TV show called Golden Goal, it will be aired in 3-4 months I will keep my eye out and try to post or share the link on here. We caught them a couple of nice big bull sharks and a mackerel. Unfortunately that day the targeted species sailfish eluded us and pretty much everyone else for that matter. IMG_2409




Islamorada Deep Sea Fishing

Happy New Year- Islamorada Deep Sea Fishing
So far for the New Year fishing has been great, there have been plenty of sailfish caught and on those slick calm days or if the water smooths out a little we have been able to connect with a handful of wahoo. Plenty of good reef and patch reef fishing as well with lots of snappers hogfish and porgies.

Grouper Fishing Action in Islamorada

Some recent (March, April 2014) catches aboard the Buzz On Rod bending hard pulling action.  Don’t forget May 1st the shallow water grouper fishing season opens up and they will be pounded hard that first week. This means all those pictures of Black, Gag and red groupers we have been releasing for the last 4 months will be hanging from the racks behind our boats and on your dinner plates that evening. May also means it’s offshore time for the Mahi Mahi, which have starting showing up a little early from time to time; it’s a good sign for things to come. The last batch of yellow tail snappers we caught were full of row meaning they are going to start spawning soon, which means that bite will only be getting better and better as we progress into the summer.

Springtime Florida Keys Fishing

Well spring is here, and the wreck fishing has started out pretty good. We have had no problem keeping anglers busy catching deep water jacks and snappers.

We had a really cool experience last week on the Islamorada hump, while fishing for amber jacks we had the opportunity of a life time. Daniel grabbed the leader and started to pull the fish closer tot he boat well at the same time a rather large hammerhead shark was eating our amberjack. On the first bite he cut the fish in half and obviously that wasn’t enough for him, he turned around and followed the rest of the fish to the boat. I yelled down to Daniel pet him and like that he reached over and started to pet this huge 500lb hammerhead. It was probably one of the coolest things I have seen out there on the water.

Islamorada fishing report

Hello fisherman! What a weird year for the weather. I have never seen it so cool during the spring. However, it is rather comfortable and rather nice not to have to run our air conditioners full time.

Fishing has been good, even though I am hearing from my customers and inquirers that we are struggling. On the contrary, I haven’t talked to anyone that has had a bad day over the last couple of months. The King fish have been here in large numbers allowing just about everyone to catch their limit, starting off their day. We are also beginning to see bait, like cigar minnows and ballyhoo showing up which is definitely going to make the reef come alive.

The clean blue water has pushed in, thanks to the east wind, so we can say good bye to the nasty green water that has been lingering. There were several Whale Sharks spotted cruising the outside edge of the reef this week. What an awesome sight these big giant fish are. They run an average of 20 to 25 feet long and almost always have fish with them. They are like large slow moving debris full of bait, promoting larger predators. Usually in the shallow water they have Cobias around them which were the case this week, giving several boats a great opportunity to catch some really nice fish.

We have had a lot of success on the reef, fishing for Yellowtail and Mutton Snappers. We were fortunate enough to find some larger 3-5 lb Yellowtails and a handful of Muttons ranging from 6-12 pounds. Usually, while we are anchored up on the reef catching Snapper, and if the conditions allow, we will fly a kite. This allows us to present a couple of baits out away from our chum slick, and targets the surface eaters, like Sailfish.

Here’s to keeping the rods bent……

Sailfish Fishing Season is here

Well here we are cold front after cold front which can only mean one thing, it’s cold. With the cold comes lots of bait down the reef edge, which in turn brings lots of predators like sailfish , kingfish, wahoo, tuna and the ocassional dolphin (mahi mahi). We have loaded up our bait pens with goggle eyes and pilchards and are ready to fly the kites. We are not fishing any tournaments this year so if you would like to fish with us this winter shoot me an email or give us a call we are wide open.

Islamorada dolphin Fishing

Well with our first slammer dolphin a nice 40lb bull caught by Chad Londos on his birthday, and plenty of schoolie dolphin to be had we can officially ring in the new season. We have been finding dolphin regularly for the last two weeks and with the temperature rising and the water getting warmer I expect it to only get better. On the reef the warmer water have really sparked up the Yellowtail snappers and mutton snappers great catches have been fairly regular. We have even been able to combine our trips catching some snappers in the morning and then heading offshore for a few dolphin in the afternoon. We had a great run of the larger tunas at the hump last month fish ranging from 20 to 35 pounds which for the black fin thats large. We fish for them on 20lb spin tackle so it makes for a great fight.