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The month of July islamorada Florida fishing report is off to a great start. The month of June had flat seas and good fishing. July is off to a good start and the seas are still calm.

I had a family of 3 out for the day on the second. We limited out on dolphin for a total of 30 fish- 10 per person. We also got a few small blackfin too.

We were fishing the 409 hump  offshore of Islamorada

GPS: 24-35.5′ N; 80-35.5′ W Depth: 409 ft.



7-4   Happy 4th of July. the dolpin fishing was great today. we got 30 and then stopped at the lighthouse for a swim.

islamorada fishing

7-9.  Dolphin fishing is off the chartes. The full racks make everyone happy. I am gonna need big racks


we went 30 miles off and found plenty of dolphin, We had a few more than 30. The weather was slick calm. Great day and great month so far.


July 10-  Mahi mashing going on down here. We are into them every day.After a slow start everything came together.

7-13. The fisher men are having a ball on the mahi. Great fishing and good eating. It’s still going on.


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