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Fishing report for October 2017.

Hello my friends we survived hurricane Irma that !@#*%!! can kiss our you know what.  We tied the boat up behind our house and even thou she rested on bottom for a little bit she received no damage other than heavy wind and a few tree limbs.

I know lots of people are concentrating on all the negative situations down here about the hurricane however there are a lot of positives.  The entire fleet of charter boats survived with little to no damage, the one boat that didn’t survive didn’t make the necessary arrangements that all the other boats did. 

Bud n Mary’s our home marina took a good hit but they are moving along with clean up and repairs very fast. Actually there was a charter ran out of there yesterday.  Most of there rooms are good and the house boats survived. The wood docks are destroyed but that will be rebuilt and in good condition probably before December.

As far as fishing goes there have been a few boats out there since the Hurricane and there reports have been good.

We fished up to Sept. 5th just before the hurricane. The mahi mahi were still biting very well and right on cue for September and October the large Black Fin Tuna’s started to show up.  Actually our last trip we landed a 29.3lb tuna after a 30 minute battle on light spinning tackle. 

The trip before that we caught three over 25lbs it was great. Black Fins do not get much larger than that, but i can guarantee you on light 15-20lb tackle thats one hell of a fight.

This past summer by far has been one of the best for the Mahi Mahi i have seen in a long time.  It was a blessing after the struggle last year.

With October here that means winter is right around the corner which means we will be back to fishing the reef edge chasing down Sailfish, Tuna and Wahoo’s along with some Grouper trolling before the season closes on January 1st. There should also be plenty of action with the King Fish and Snappers.

Just an FYI three of the largest resorts in Islamorada will be down most of this season for repairs so start looking early this year for places to stay. I am happy to help in any way I can to find you rooms and even know of a couple vacation rentals available.

Remember to follow my Facebook page @ brower fishing charters on the Buzz On for daily updates and you can also follow us on Instagram @ buzz_on Thank you all for your support and looking forward to our next adventure on the water together.

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