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First half of May Islamorada fishing report

Grouper fishing opened May 1st. The season ends December 31st. Call now to get in on the action.   305-240-1411 

On the first day of grouper season, we had 3 nice black groupers (deemed the best for eating by most), just 1 short of the daily limit. The limit is 1 black per person and 3 total groupers of all species.

We also caught and released 1 goliath grouper which we guesstimated at about 300lbs.

Snapper Fishing

Added to the groupers we had a good day on the reef with the snappers. We had some large yellowtail snappers, a couple of Mangrove snappers and some mutton snappers.

Islamorada fishing report

As to be expected reef fishing is going very well.  With the full moon this month i would expect to see some nice size Mutton snappers showing up on the deeper wrecks and ledges. This will continue through the June moon as well. 

Offshore Islamorada fishing report

The Mahi Mahi (dolphin) fishing has been good, we have caught 4 fish over thirty pounds over the last couple weeksThe schools are coming through and we have been having great fun chasing the bigger fish down.

Islamorada fishing report

The larger schools are showing up now with many large fish. It looks like we will have mahi, especially the larger ones around for a while.

Call now to get in on the action.   305-240-1411 


Out at the humps we have had great fun pulling on those large strong amberjacks. They don’t give up easily. The amberjacks have been averaging 30-40 pounds, but it’s not unusual to have a 50-60 pound fish as well. 

The hardest thing is to get them up before the sharks attack them.Speaking of sharks we used one of our amberjacks for bait the other day and managed to catch a nice size large bull shark.

June expectations

What to expect in June lots of Mahi Mahi pictures along with some good reef fishing on the shorter days. The snappers will be spawning on the full moons and feeding in between making of some excellent fishing. 

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