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Hooray, Hooray, it’s the first of May, Grouper fishing starts today. Islamorada is the best place to fish for grouper. We have been catching and releasing a lot of them. Starting today we can keep some. They are probably the best eating fish around.

The first day out we got a couple nice black grouper and a scamp. The black grouper are the best eating of all of them.

Islamorada grouper


Joe and Angie came all the way from Missouri to do a little fishing. It was windy, but they were pumped up to go. We went and had a great day. Angie got a chance to wrestle with some big fish with Joe looking on.

We started on the reef and were doing well on the snappers , when the sharks moved in. We were unable to get another fish to the boat and had to leave.

We got a report that dolphin were in the shallow water and headed out. We managed a nice catch of dolphin up to 18lbs. We also picked up one blackfin tuna and a barracuda.




Had a great day with the newly weds and there children. We had a lot of fun with barracuda, cero mackerel and a nurse shark.

May islamorada fishing

Saltwater Sportsman says that Islamorada and Florida in general is considered the best place to fish for Atlantic Sailfish, Blackfin tuna,  snook, Tarpon,swordfish, and dolphin, and the second best place in the world to fish for permit, red drum, and king mackerel.

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5-17 Missed a week rebuilding a transmission. Had a good day today and was happy to be back. We got a bunch of dolphins and a couple of skipjack tuns.


Had a great couple of days. A large variety of fish, plenty of snappers on the reefs, shallow water blackfin tuna and plenty of mahi mahi.


What a great day. The weatherman missed the forecast and the day was great. We ended up 2 fish short of the mahi limit, got some blackinfin tuna and a sailfish for Skinny, Frank and Todd.

On their second day we stayed on the reef in the morning. 2 nice sized

s and a beautiful black grouper and 20 some yellowtail snappers were boated.

We had ballyhoo in the chum slick , so we threw a net and we had fresh sailfish bait. We found 5 of them and one decided to take a fresh ballyhoo. Todd got his first sailfish, what a beautiful thing.


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